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Mini Symposium on Neural Circuits of Pain
Tuesday 10 April 2018, 13:00 - 17:00
Project updates from:
A01 human(M.Schmelz), A08(D.Mauceri),
B02 human(S. Herpertz), B03(F.Nees), B04(W.Weber-Fahr), B05 mouse (A. Draguhn), B09(W.Magerl)


  • Congratulations!

    The Heidelberg Pain Consortium goes into the second funding period.

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  • Valery Grinevich appointed Professor for Neuropeptide research in psychiatry

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  • The Challenge of Chronic Pain Conference

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  • Preparatory Retreat

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  • Upcoming ICD-11 Classification of Chronic Pain

    The upcoming ICD-11 Classification of Chronic Pain is featured in Pain Research Forum

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