Ana Almeida (ana.cam685(at)

Dr. Sabrina Boll, Postdoc (sabrina.boll(at)

Monika Eckstein (monika.eckstein(at)

Dora Hopf, MSc. (Dora.Hopf(at)

Dr. Quirin Krabichler (Krabichler(at)

Stefanie Küppers (Stephanie.Kueppers(at)

Dr. Arthur Lefevre (Arthur.Lefevre(at)

Mahmoud Rashidi (rashidi(at)

Jonas Schimmer (Jonas.Schimmer(at)

Katharina van Stein (Katharina.vanStein(at)



Prof. Dr. Valery Grinevich: German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP) (funding for five years) from the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Prof. Dr. Valery Grinevich: ERC Synergy Grant 2022 (funding for six years) from the European Research Council

Prof. Dr. Valery Grinevich: European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) Award 2021

Katharina van Stein: Peer-Mentoring-Programm der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Verhaltensmedizin und Verhaltensmodifikation (DGVM) – Förderlinie A (2021)

Katharina van Stein: Posterpreis der Peergroup Methoden des Zentrum für Psychosoziale Medizin (2020)

Monika Eckstein: Short-term research fellowship for postdocs from the DAAD for a research stay at the University of Sydney (2021)

Monika Eckstein: Internationalization support from UiO:Life Science for a research stay at the University of Oslo (2020)


New appointments:

Prof. Dr. Valery Grinevich: Affiliate Professor, Center for Neuroinflammation and Cardiometabolic Diseases, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA


  • New collaborative research results

    Published in Science


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  • ERC Synergy Grant 2022

    Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Valery Grinevich!


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  • John J. Bonica Prize of the IASP

    Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Rolf Detlef-Treede!


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  • New paper published in Nature

    Collaboration involving Projects A01, A03, B01, B06 and B08.


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  • Pain Summer School

    "Chronic Pain and its affective consequences"


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