Project-related publications

Godel T, Bäumer P, Pham M, Köhn A, Muschol N, Kronlage M, Kollmer J, Heiland S, Bendszus M, Mautner VF. Human dorsal-root-ganglion in-vivo morphometry and perfusion in Fabry painful neuropathy. Neurology. 2017;89:1274-1282.

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Klein T, Günther K, Kwong CK, Edenhofer F, Üçeyler N. Generation of the human induced pluripotent stem cell line (UKWNLi001-A) from skin fibroblasts of a woman with Fabry disease carrying the X-chromosomal heterozygous c.708 G > C (W236C) missense mutation in exon 5 of the alpha-galactosidase-A gene. Stem Cell Res. 2018;31:222-226.

Maier C, Baron R, Tölle TR, Binder A, Birbaumer N, Birklein F, Gierthmühlen J, Flor H, Geber C, Huge V, Krumova EK, Landwehrmeyer GB, Magerl W, Maihöfner C, Richter H, Rolke R, Scherens A, Schwarz A, Sommer C, Tronnier V, Üçeyler N, Valet M, Wasner G, Treede RD. Quantitative sensory testing in the German Research Network on Neuropathic Pain (DFNS): somatosensory abnormalities in 1236 patients with different neuropathic pain syndromes. Pain. 2010;150:439-450. 

Pham M, Oikonomou D, Hornung B, Weiler M, Heiland S, Bäumer P, Kollmer J, Nawroth PPBendszus M.  MR neurography detects diabetic neuropathy early and with proximal predominance. Ann Neurol. 2015;78:939-948.

Siedler G, Káhn AK, Weidemann F, Wanner C,Sommer C, Üçeyler N. Dyshidrosis is associated with reduced amplitudes in electrically evoked pain-related potentials in women with Fabry disease. Clin Neurophysiol. 2019;130(4):528-536. doi: 10.1016/j.clinph.2019.01.008.

Üçeyler N, Urlaub D, Mayer C, Uehlein S, Held M, Sommer C. Tumor necrosis factor-α links heat and inflammation with Fabry pain. Mol Genet Metab. 2019. pii: S1096-7192(19)30169-6.

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Other publications:

Üçeyler group:

Characterization of small fiber pathology in a mouse model of Fabry disease. Hofmann L, Hose D, Grießhammer A, Blum R, Döring F, Dib-Hajj S, Waxman S, Sommer C, Wischmeyer E, Üçeyler N. Elife. 2018 Oct 17;7. pii: e39300. doi: 10.7554/eLife.39300.

Sensory profiles and immune related expression patterns of patients with and without neuropathic pain after peripheral nerve lesion. Held M, Karl F, Vlckova E, Rajdova A, Escolano-Lozano F, Stetter C, Bharti R, Förstner KU, Leinders M, Dušek L, Birklein F, Bednarik J, Sommer C, Üçeyler N. Pain. 2019 May 22. doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001623. 

Detection of blood Gb3 deposits as a new tool for diagnosis and therapy monitoring in patients with classic Fabry disease. Üçeyler N, Böttger J, Henkel L, Langjahr M, Mayer C, Nordbeck P, Wanner C, Sommer C. J Intern Med. 2018 Oct;284(4):427-438. doi: 10.1111/joim.12801. 

Ullrich M, Weber M, Post AM, Popp S, Grein J, Zechner M, Guerrero González H, Kreis A, Schmitt AG, Üçeyler N, Lesch KP, Schuh K. OCD-like behavior is caused by dysfunction of thalamo-amygdala circuits and upregulated TrkB/ERK-MAPK signaling as a result of SPRED2 deficiency. Mol Psychiatry. 2018 Feb;23(2):444-458. doi: 10.1038/mp.2016.232.

Sommer group:

Doppler K, Appeltshauser L, Villmann C, Martin C, Peles E, Kramer HH, Haarmann A, Buttmann M, Sommer C. Auto-antibodies to contactin-associated protein 1 (Caspr) in two patients with painful inflammatory neuropathy. Brain 2016;139:2617-30.

Attal N, de Andrade DC, Adam F, Ranoux D, Teixeira MJ, Galhardoni R, Raicher I, Üçeyler N, Sommer C, Bouhassira D. Safety and efficacy of repeated injections of botulinum toxin A in peripheral neuropathic pain (BOTNEP): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Lancet Neurol 2016;15:555-65.

Sommer C. Exploring pain pathophysiology in patients. Science 2016;354:588-92.

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Pham group:

Hoffmann A, Dege T, Kunze R, Ernst AS, Lorenz H, Böhler LI, Korff T, Marti HH, Heiland S, Bendszus M, Helluy X, Pham MEarly Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption in Ischemic Stroke Initiates Multifocally Around Capillaries/Venules.Stroke.2018 Jun;49(6):1479-1487. 

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Pham M, Oikonomou D, Hornung B, Weiler M, Heiland S, Bäumer P, Kollmer J, Nawroth PP, Bendszus M. Magnetic resonance neurography detects diabetic neuropathy early and with Proximal Predominance.Ann Neurol. 2015 Dec;78(6):939-48

Kollmer J, Hund E, Hornung B, Hegenbart U, Schönland SO, Kimmich C, Kristen AV, Purrucker J, Röcken C, Heiland S, Bendszus M, Pham MIn vivo detection of nerve injury in familial amyloid polyneuropathy by magnetic resonance neurography.

Brain. 2015 Mar;138(Pt 3):549-62. doi: 10.1093/brain/awu344. Epub 2014 Dec 18.


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