Claudio Acuna (Co-PI) (acuna(at)

Katrin Schrenk-Siemens (Co-PI) (katrin.schrenk-siemens(at)

Franziska Kahnt, Student Assistant (kahnt(at)

Marta Wozniak, Student Assistant (wozniak(at)


New collaborations:

Radhika Puttagunta (A06)

Manuela Simonetti, (A09)

Nurcan Üceyler (A10)

Peter Nawroth (A03)

Jan Siemens (A07)

David Bennett (Oxford University)

Angelika Lampert (University of Aachen)



  • New collaborative research results

    Published in Science


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  • ERC Synergy Grant 2022

    Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Valery Grinevich!


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  • John J. Bonica Prize of the IASP

    Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Rolf Detlef-Treede!


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  • New paper published in Nature

    Collaboration involving Projects A01, A03, B01, B06 and B08.


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  • Pain Summer School

    "Chronic Pain and its affective consequences"


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