Data Seminar Series
New monthly Data Seminar Series

Data management and analysis updates, workshops & tutorials for the SFB 1158 community

Hosted by Deepti Mittal, SFB 1158 Data Manager

We are very happy to introduce the new monthly "Data Seminar Series", organized and hosted by SFB 1158 Data Manager Deepti Mittal. This series will be held virtually (via Zoom) every month, starting on 25 June 2021, and is highly recommended for SFB 1158 young scientists and student members. PIs and Group Leaders are also most welcome to join. Information regarding registration and topics will be communicated via the SFB 1158 mailing list only.

In these seminars, Deepti will give the latest updates and participants will have an opportunity to ask questions specific to data management. In addition, we will invite external guests for workshops/tutorials on specific topics that will fit under the general topic of “data management and analysis”. During their visit, the guests will not only give a lecture on data-related topics but will also interact with our young researchers and group leaders for a joint exchange of ideas. Deepti will send an advance notice about the seminars via the SFB 1158 mailing list.

The first seminar in this series will focus on electronic lab books, the demand and acceptance of which has increased significantly, judging from current trends and data management standards implemented by grant organizations.


Event and Participation details:

The seminar will take place every month. The details for the first seminar are as follows:

Title: eLabFTW - A free and open-source web-based electronic lab notebook (ELN)

Host: Deepti Mittal, SFB 1158 Data Manager

Presenter: Nicolas CARPi, Engineer, UMR144 cell biology and cancer, Institute Curie, Paris, France

Date and Time: June 25th, 2021, 13:00-14:00 PM CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)

Please note that participation is only open to members of the SFB 1158 community. A participation link will be sent via the SFB 1158 mailing list a day before the event.


"Online visiting hours" for SFB 1158 Data Management Services:

Deepti has been working on general as well as tailor-made strategies for the management of different types of data collected in SFB projects. Several groups require specific help, which is why Deepti has also set up ‘online visiting hours’ and hands-on workshops.

Data management meeting room on heiCONF:

Days and times: Wednesdays and Fridays from 14:00-16:00


We would like to extend our support for services such as:

- Creating Project-specific data management plans

- Developing and refining university-specific guidelines on good research data practices

- Additional support for resources provided by URZ (heiBOX, heiCONF, SDS@hd, High-performance computing (HPC))

- Adopting international and national data and metadata standards

- Guidance on neuroscience-specific data repositories and the submission of metadata files

- Publication of research data

- Other technological advancements


For additional resources and to contact Deepti, please visit the Data Management Resources section on the SFB 1158 website:


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