David Baumeister (david.baumeister(at)

Ainhoa Bilbao (ainhoa.bilbao(at)

Anna Maria Borruto (AnnaMaria.Borruto(at)

Drago Dragovic (MD student) (drago.97(at)

Armin Drusko (M.Sc. Biol.) (Armin.Drusko(at)

Tabea Kohlund (tabea.kohlund(at)

Victoria Lucas (Physician scientist) (Victoria.lucas(at)

Malika Renz (PhD student) (Malika.Renz(at)

Carina Sebald (MD student) (carina.sebald(at)

Lea Schlömp (lea.schloemp(at)

Francesca Zidda (Postdoc) (francesca.zidda(at)




Institut für Psychopharmakologie:


  • Pain Summer School

    "Chronic Pain and its affective consequences"


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  • International Satellite Symposium, "Neural Circuits of Pain - IV"

    Registration deadline extended to 5 April 2022!


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  • Latest research from Project A06

    (New paper published in Neuron)


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  • Junior Career Research Stipends

    Application deadline: 15. September 2021

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  • New monthly Data Seminar Series

    Data management and analysis updates, workshops & tutorials for the SFB 1158 community

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