Pain is simultaneoulsy a protector and a tormentor!

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What underlies the ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ nature of this key physiological function that has protected the animal kingdom from harm throughout evolution?

Why does pain convert into a disorder by becoming chronic?

And importantly, can we prevent, treat or revert these changes?

These questions are at the heart of new research in the Collaborative Research Centre 1158 (SFB 1158: From nociception to chronic pain: Structure-function properties of neural pathways and their reorganization). Established by the German Research Foundation at Heidelberg University in July 2015, this centre comprises nineteen multidisciplinary projects and several associated research endeavours that span diverse, top-class clinical and basic research institutes in the twin cities of Heidelberg and Mannheim.

We welcome you to interact with the vibrant neuroscience and pain community of Heidelberg-Mannheim, participate in our collaborative research efforts and inform yourself about attractive career and training options as well as key events and resources.


  • Meet SFB1158 at the World Congress on Pain


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  • Allan Basbaum, Irene Tracey and Tor Wager to visit SFB1158

    The Heidelberg Pain Consortium is delighted about the upcoming visit from these distinguished scientists in the framework of the upcoming Annual International Pain Symposium

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  • SFB Researchers to be honored with the DGSS Förderpreis 2016


    Deepitha Selvaraj and Vijayan Gangadharan (A03) will be the recipients of the DGSS Förderpreis 2016 for pain research in Germany.

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  • Mini symposium “Neural Circuits in Pain”

    mini symposium

    SFB project leaders regularly present their on-going research in a very well-visited mini-symposium series. 

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  • Herta Flor to receive John D. Loeser Award


    The IASP will honor Herta Flors achievements in the pain field ....

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  • International Pain Summer School


    In July 2016, the first International Pain Summer School took place in Prien am Chiemsee, Germany.

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  • Research Day


    On June 16, 2016 SFB 1158 hosted this year's research day on neural circuits.

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  • German Brain Bee 2016


    On April 16th the German Brain Bee Competition took place in Heidelberg.

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  • Annual Pain Symposium 2015


    With nearly half of year of funding behind us, it was time to take stock of our scientific progress and bring in external experts to give us feedback.

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As part of the Collaborative Research Centers public outreach, several events are held each year. You can find the upcoming events below:


Upcoming Events
26 Sep 201612:00AMWorld Congress on Pain
01 Dec 201608:00AMGender Symposium
02 Dec 201608:00AMAnnual International research Symposium
Recent Events
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